“A solid foundation for children involves a solid moral base”- Zig  Ziglar
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Christy Enebeli draws extensive experience from her working experience in various international organizations and her proven track record of excellence, positive attitude and outstanding performances at the work place. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics/ Computer Engineering and graduated as the best graduating female student and the most outstanding female student at her faculty.

Having incorporated manners and more consults for the training of cultural competence and civility, she also works closely with teens and children in role modeling the same.

Her passion for civility was born from the positive upbringing of character, virtue, grace and manners imbibed from her parents and the successful relationships she had built through her good manners and civility.
Now looking through the eyes of her now three year old son, she sees the urgency to start to enforce civility and manners early enough.

Manners Matter Nigeria is her platform to reach other children, teenagers, parents and educators to rise up to the challenge of raising children towards responsible adulthood and to provide competent leadership.

In her words, she describes her passion as “I love excellence, I like to mentor, to see people succeed, to see things done better, to see services offered with enthusiasm and positive attitude, and to serve with grace, elegance and a smile on my face”. She is a remarkable coach with tested character and intellectual prowess.
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