“A solid foundation for children involves a solid moral base”- Zig  Ziglar
Social Graces
Personal Values
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Children, Youth and Teens:

Civility training for children, youth and teens covers topics such as common sense, respect, table manners, social graces, character, confidence, inner strength, decision making, art of communication, telephone manners, time mastery, courtesy, achieving personal success, etiquette and much more.

These trainings help promote positive behavior, social intelligence and also help them apply the same at home, school, work place and in the community.


These programs are tailored to train educators to be civility experts and to role model the same to the students.

We also work with schools to provide after school civility courses to students and to raise the quality and standard of the school system, foster civility amongst students and help the school develop a reputation of producing well mannered students.
Parents and Guardians:

Manners start at home and are the most important quality to nurture in the home. We have specialized trainings for parents and guardians to get them started in their responsibility to teach and exemplify good manners, core values and conduct to their children.

We also work with families and can set up one on one training with parents and their children .There are special courses suited  for mother and daughters and for fathers and sons.

Courses are tailored to teaching elegance to daughters, confidence in sons, fostering love and respect among siblings, respect for parents, responsibility and setting up right family culture and value systems.